Skulls, Bones and Unicorns

Say It Ain’t So

June 16th, 2009 by Christopher

So I’ve been perplexed about a recent interview with ESA’s Jamie Blacker in which he casually relays the information – at the ass end of the discussion – that the next ESA album will be the last one.


blackerthanthouESA is one of my favorite acts. And Blacker’s last album, The Sea & The Silence, was his best yet (as you can ascertain from our review). Why would he give up now? I’ve been searching for more answers on these wacky tubes and wires that make up the internets but to no avail.

The only solution is to secure an interview with Blacker himself and ask him point blank, “Uh…dude? What’s, like, the deal?” I mean, really. Why put to rest a project that’s just starting to unfold its wings and launch into a new stratosphere of musical heights heretofore unimagined?

Okay, all hyperbole aside, you should certainly pick up the latest ESA release if you haven’t already. It’s available at the Tympanik Audio webshop and it’s really, really good. Trust me. I suppose I should point you in the direction of the ESA MySpace page as well, just so you know for certain I am not as full of shit as you might have expected.