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 so low... 
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Post so low...
I'm so low, i dont know were to friends are fighting over high school shit, my parents drink alot, and they argue every night, i want to runaway so bad, but where would i go? Tryed killing my self, i like the pain, sometimes i dont even know if i'm cutting myself now or not.
I got the scars and life to prove it to you, i'd trade a life any day. My parents hate me, My brother is the "superstar" of the family, and my sisters the one with the "messed up marrage"
any opinions or problems? express your self....

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Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:50 am
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well first of all, keep writing. killing yourself won't solve anything.

there's never an easy way out of this stuff. anything that looks like an easy way is pretty much always selling something. At sixteen feeling much the same I did, actually, get out of the house. I was lucky enough to leave for school. At 16 you don't have as many options as you will in even two years. But you do have the time and often the energy to really concentrate intensely on something.

The best idea is to absolutely pour yourself into something, anything that you learn something from -- commit yourself. Sharpen yourself. See if you can find a part-time job doing something even minorly related to whatever it is that you're fascinated with. Consider that you're starting your self-made future now so you can have a two-year track record at whatever it is by the time you're legally independent. You'll be two years up on everybody else your age at that point.

and, because GCHE is going to tell you this anyway less kindly, I guess I'll say it first: nobody likes a whiner. even if your stiuation genuinely sucks, become known for something besides whining. for the good of us all. (ps: this doesn't mean you can never complain. just be sure to do other things too.)

Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:13 am
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Post 16 can suck
Hi brokenhearted. Alisgray is so right - do something (other than non-professional self mutilation). And get up the next morning. Then get up the morning after that. Repeat. Read, make something, write, sing. Do it even though it hurts. Turn your energy into something creative - get angry and focus. Make your own clothes. Make jewelry. Listen to music. Go to the library and research something you've never heard of before. Meditate. Cook. Find one thing good every day.

I remember the desperation, desolation, and drama of 16. I never thought I'd live much longer, but 22 years later, I'm here, pretty happy, successful, and still kind of dark. Yeah, I slogged through lots of days of hormone-soaked misery, but I decided that it was better than not having days.

You might get gently smacked by folks on this site, but there are sympathic souls out here.

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Sat Feb 03, 2007 2:42 pm
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As far as the self mutilation goes, I always suggest researching body modification and its' cultural roots
Many cultures use body modification (scarring, suspesnion and other more gruesome practices) as a rite of passage
The marks signify a certain status in the community
Usually the first ritual is to signify adulthood and that is the most important
American kids are missing that rite of passage and are very confused regarding their place in society
You will look at mutilating yourself in a completely different way after you learn what it originally meant
My introduction to this world was a book called "Modern Primitives" (sp?)

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Sat Feb 03, 2007 3:53 pm
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