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Author:  devil [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:33 am ]
Post subject:  Gothville

Well, skywayman and I have decided to fold the site. We've been outmatched. We were trying to reach out to and build our own community while creating ties to those who have an affinity for the Twin Towns Of Terror, but our efforts simply do not compare to the awe-inspiring efforts of <a href="http://www.gothville.com/index.php">Gothville</a>. Their reach far exceeds ours so there's no more need for DTC. And here I thought VampireFreaks would be the be-all end-all for sites like ours.


At least Gothville has a radio station. We're still working on a lame-ass, periodic Podcast.

Author:  veinsplasher [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gothville

Gothville wrote:
GothVille - Dark and Gothic music radio with news for people dressed in black...

I saw the word music in their tagline and knew I'd never visit again.

Author:  +jamison+ [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:56 am ]
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Are you serious? Your gonna kill DTC just because there's another site out there that's similar?

Author:  devil [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:28 am ]
Post subject: 

Me? Serious?

Author:  skywayman [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:40 am ]
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devil wrote:
Me? Serious?


Author:  manna_panna [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:41 am ]
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Oh please. Their front page is hideous.

Author:  JPaganel [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:08 am ]
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I like this:
Our new gothville.net forum and blog site should be multilangual or not?

Eh. I got a suggestion - start by learning English.

Author:  polter [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:26 am ]
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I cruised through Gothville. Its not that bad. They should really read the reviews here at DTC to properly understand how to put together a good review.

Author:  chknkillr [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:54 am ]
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i didn't think it was too bad for being from antwerpen or wherever. i saw they have a gothville monthly club night & think that'd be fun if we had a DCT one. i mean, i know there have been CC or picnic meetups, but a club meet up would be fun too [i think].

Author:  dj_craig [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:31 pm ]
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Wow.... vampire freaks should be worried, and you guys, well the writing is on the wall for you guys; you're fucked

Author:  alisgray [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:15 pm ]
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Myself I am partial to <a href="http://www.coilhouse.net">Coilhouse</a>.

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